The demand for workers from abroad is still growing in the Netherlands. The number of queries about insurance for this group of flexible migrant workers and highly-skilled migrants is also on the rise. For example, queries regarding health insurance gaps and overlaps and keeping the costs under control.

Flexible migrant workers and highly-skilled workers are obliged to take out health insurance and pay income tax as soon as they start working in the Netherlands. In addition to this, the CLA for temporary agency workers (both the ABU and the NBBU) oblige temporary agency organisations to offer flexible migrant workers health insurance.

Experience in the market and future forecasting shows that the Van der Voort Group has taken initiatives in the past for Stichting Verzekering Buitenlandse Werknemers (Stichting VBW) [Foreign Workers Insurance Foundation].

We offer flexible migrant workers, highly-skilled migrants, employment agencies and employers the possibility to provide basic health insurance for seasonal migrant workers and foreign flexi-workers in the Netherlands. This is arranged on a collective basis. Together with Zorg & Zekerheid, we have developed a customised package, which ties in perfectly with the wishes of the employee and the employer alike. A competitive premium combined with an excellent service, this package saves all parties concerned time and costs and, at the same time, enables the flexible migrant worker to fulfil the obligation to take out basic health insurance: always the best solution for you!

The Stichting VBW works together with the foundation’s implementing organisation, the Van de Voort Group in Schagen. The Van der Voort Group, Schagen, has been the knowledge platform for insurance solutions for skilled and flexible migrant workers since the early 1990s. The Van der Voort Group also participates in the agreement with the Dutch Tax Authorities for regulating the healthcare allowance: a secure feeling for you as a flexible migrant worker.

Participation in the healthcare collective schemes is usually arranged via the employer. To find out which arrangement applies for you, please refer to your employer.

For more information, please contact info@stichtingvbw.nl.